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Image by Nils Leonhardt

Our Vision & Activities

It is our experience that the threads of Peace in our world run deep in the lives of each one of us. Our vision for the work of This Day is to expose and reveal those threads and draw them together.


Rather than despairing at the breakdown of so many of our communities and nations, we are working to look through the differences that divide us to discover the foundation of common wisdom and humanity.


We are not alone or the pioneers in this effort but want to lend our hearts and minds to the noble cause for Peace that has endured for centuries though yet unfulfilled.

Our activities are currently simple, and we ask that you join our This Day Community and help us expand the ways we might support our vision.


Stephen Altair and Ian Haycroft run two kinds of podcast

Where we interview the leaders of conscious communities. The purpose, to showcase the amazing work that is already happening in our world.

Where we discuss some of the lessons that Life provides us in our search for who we are and for Peace. Each of these discussions ends with a guided meditation.

Painting on Canvas

Support For Artists

One of the threads of peace is the arts. The creative expression of beauty is a doorway to the hearts of so many. On our website here we have a page dedicated to the support of artists. Your support for their work will help them, and also support  This Day in its work to build and support communities of Peace.

Aborigine Bark Painting

Comments from our community...

Wild Flowers



This Day podcast and community by Ian and Stephen has been and continues to be an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance for me and my creativity through life, my art and my connection with animals. This platform has allowed me to contribute and work towards a greater vision through my intention, energy, art and work, in a way that feels purposeful and fulfilling using essential guiding principles that I had previously lost touch with. 

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