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The idea for This Day came when a few of us were gathered wondering how we could do something to help build conscious communities, and how we could help strengthen the links of support between the thousands and thousands of conscious communities that already exist across the world.


We knew that the peace we all long for so much could only be created by communities of people, not by individuals. We also knew that the communities that will build peace will have at their foundations love, trust and wisdom.


We decided to call our efforts The Wisdom Path Project. is a simple project that emerged from that gathering. is run by Stephen Altair and Ian Haycroft. Here is a bit about us.

Stephen Altar


Unlock Your Unlimited Divine Potential

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Altair has helped thousands of people around the world in courses, seminars, workshops and individual sessions of Divine Awakening Awareness Meditation Practices and Astrology for over 30 years.


His guides are Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and the Archangels. He has written best-selling books, appeared on television, radio, newspapers and music shows as the healer of hearts and guided well-known sportspeople, politicians, psychics, musicians, spiritual teachers and communities in the Mystical Way of the Light principles.


As a baby he was trained by his Godmother, a Mother Superior of the Carmelite Order in the Centering Prayer and Angelic practices of Mother Mary, Jesus and the Archangels, was a student of St. Germain and Paramahansa Yogananda, the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Mingyur Rinpoche and integrates ancient tantra, awake awareness and kundalini yoga with modern science and transpersonal psychology into the path of self-realization.

Ian Haycroft

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I am 69 now. Like many of you, I searched for ways to be internally free. Some of those efforts failed miserably, and some of them opened doors I had not even imagined. Born in Australia, I started meditating when a young man. Based on some of my experiences with meditation I went to India to “find my guru” in 1977. My one year trip away ended up being a journey of 21 years. From India I hitch-hiked through Europe and the United States.


In the United States I met my wife Kim. I was there for twenty years, and it was there we had our six children. I worked, helped Kim raise our children, and tried to figure out what life meant amongst the daily challenges of working and being a parent.  I remember going to a psychic in Pennsylvania some time around our fourth child.

He said… ”your guide, Paramanhansa Yogananda, is here and says he is learning from you how to live a spiritual life whilst raising children, and working an ordinary life”. The most important book that got me on the road to India was his “Autobiography Of A Yogi”. Needless to say I believed I had everything to learn from him, and that he had little to learn from me. And yet he persisted in saying he had something to learn from me.That experience and others opened a way for me to believe I was somehow on a path worth pursuing.


 In 1995 I started working in China, and 1996 we moved to China as a family, where I was General Manager of a vegetable export company. Let’s just say that the three years in China were “instructive” and “challenging”. With me exhausted and our family in need of some stability we moved back to Australia.


I had a moment when I realised that despite having too many young children to support, I could not just keep on the corporate pathway, I needed to find what I loved to do and still support my family. That’s when I discovered Kinesiology and a way to serve people on their path to freedom. It became a path to freedom for me as well.

My children have grown up, I am still here, “still standing” as Paul Simon says, and I decided that it is now my time to serve beyond the confines of a clinic in Australia and to reach out to those in the world who might benefit from what I have learned in kinesiology, spiritual practice and the school of Life.

This platform… is a place we wish to gather those who long for peace and community. I look forward to meeting you, hearing from you, and working with you to help pull the threads of Peace together across our world.

Beautiful landscape in the mountains at sunrise. View of foggy hills covered by forest. Fi

 Follow the link to join our community and help us expand the ways we might support our vision

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